Gsolutions was founded in 2003 as an IT support company. Our first offices were at the UCT entrepreneurial development center. As with all great ideas, they all start small.

In late 2003 we launched Gmail as our internet services division with our original offerings being primarily website hosting and dial-up internet access. This service grew as our client and staff base grew. It become necessary in late 2006 for Gsolutions (known as Gardale Solutions) to move into new offices in the leafy suburb of Newlands as a result of the success of both the support and ISP divisions.

In early 2007 we launched a new division called Gbackup specializing in fully automated offsite backup solutions. This solution, a culmination of hard work and intense research, was developed upon requests from existing clients concerned about the security and safety of their data. Gbackup got off the ground with a flying start in 2007 and more staff were employed for this service.

In late 2007 we launched another division called Gdevelop. This was significant as it marked the switch from outsourcing our software development to bringing a highly skilled development team in-house. Our approach of providing services in-house as opposed to outsourcing is an important aspect of our business that we have followed through with almost all our solutions since. Being the provider rather than a reseller is core to Gsolutions as it allows us to be more flexible and provide a greater level of service as well as take full accountability for everything we do.

Fortunately we manage to maintain strong growth across all our offerings and in 2008 we needed to move into larger offices in Observatory. This move signified our transition from a successful micro enterprise to a booming small business.

In February 2009 we launched a free email service within our ISP division, Gmail.

In Mid 2009 it was time for us to settle down. Further growth meant that we needed even more office space and after careful deliberation we have moved into our current premises in Thornton which will allow for substantial future growth without the need to move again.

In June 2011 a new business was born out of GSolutions, UTM Africa. UTM Africa is a distribution business supplying physical products as well as services to other IT companies nationally. The inspiration was from the fact that as GSolutions we were doing high volumes and had built up excellent skillsets with the Cyberoam UTM appliances and we wanted to be able to take our involvement with what we considered (and still do) an exceptional product.

In January 2014 we launched Only Cloud. This business evolved out of our existing business as technology improved in the cloud services space to a point we felt the relevant services were ready to be taken to market. We were able to leverage our existing data center  infrastructure to establish this new business.

Thanks to our loyal customer base, a dynamic team and a strong vision for where we want to be and what we want to do. Gsolutions has become a business that truly offers complete corporate IT solutions and we are excited about what lies ahead for us.