IT Security

It is critical to implement any IT security solutions in a strategic manner to ensure your businesses data and infrastructure are secure. It is with this in mind that we research, design, implement, test, provide training and maintain IT security solutions for our customers.

We offer firewalls, UTM Appliances (Unified Threat Management), endpoint protection, server protection, device encryption, anti-ransomware solutions and email security. Contact us to have a consultant define a solution that meets your businesses requirements and objectives.

Never Underestimate the Threat

Nine out of 10 companies had already been the target of a cyber attack, according to the Global IT Security Risk Survey by Kaspersky, In contrast to this very few companies pay nearly enough attention to IT security. This can be a grave mistake! According to Cybersecurity Ventures Official Annual Cybercrime Report, criminal online activity cost businesses and individuals $3 trillion in 2015 and is expected to increase substantially going forward.

Not all cyber attacks are necessarily about money. Competing companies and other countries' intelligence services are more into espionage in order to gather information. If the rights of third parties are violated due to this, e.g. in regard to data protection, then companies are liable for this, depending on the laws of the respective country.

This has lead to governments implementing GDPR throughout Europe and the POPI act in South Africa. These legal requirements create a clear guideline for companies responsibilities in terms of protecting their and customers data.

Our Approach

Hardware such as firewalls or UTM appliances (which can be cloud based), paired with software such as endpoint protection, anti-ransomware, device encryption or email security may help with your IT security, however the most important facet is how the implementation of the relevant solutions is conducted. Typically for Small to Medium sized companies a hardware / software solution that is well implemented and regularly maintained is considered a reasonable level of security. In larger businesses or enterprises a level of active management paired with 24/7/365 dedicated monitoring is essential.

When implementing an effective IT security solution for customers we take a staged approach as follows:

Define requirements

Understanding our customers perceived and real risks, industry requirements, statutory requirements as well as currently implemented infrastructure and solutions allows us to define a set of security requirements. We take an engaging and collaborative approach to the process.

Define and architect an IT security strategy

During this phase we use our experience and technical capabilities to perform insightful IT Security architecture using the defined requirements to ensure our customers needs and strategic objectives are met. Thorough planning leads to a well considered and effective implementation.

Implement the relevant solutions

Our approach to Implementation will always vary based on the planning and architectural design of the IT Security solution. What will always remain consistent is the way we work closely with our customers to minimize or even mitigate any interruption to our customer or their team.

Manage and maintain the implemented solution

IT Security threats evolve constantly and a poorly managed or maintained solution will quickly lose effectiveness. The level of management or maintenance may vary depending on the nature of what IT Security solutions are implemented. 

Perform IT security testing

IT security testing goes beyond utilizing numerous testing techniques such as penetration testing which tests threats such as hacking attempts, phishing emails, malware, ransomware and viruses, but also testing our customers employees. Where we see gaps we can then enhance the relevant solutions.