Onsite Resources

Managing IT resources can be challenging. Items such as skills development, business continuity and diversified skills requirements are often stumbling block when you do not have a full IT team in place. There are two resourcing options we offer: Managed and un-managed. In either instance we ensure resources placed at our customers are a correct fit relative to the requirements.

Motivation to Outsource

Source: Deloitte Global outsourcing survey 2016

Our Outsourcing Offerings
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Fully Managed Resources

We provide a foundation for each resource which includes access to our intellectual property, PSA systems and escalation to our technical team and management. Another benefit of working with us is if our resource is unavailable for any reason, we will arrange a replacement from the second day onward. This ensures business continuity.

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Placement Resources

Placement resources also receive integration with our diversified intellectual property from our technical team and management, however to a more limited extent. Placement resources would typically be applied to environments where existing IT management and department structures are in place.